KingTiger Establishes Asia Technology and Economic Center in 2018

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In line with the rapid development of science and technology in Asia, and answer to the huge demand from customers, KingTiger is setting up their Asia headquarters in Economic and Technological Development Zone of Hefei, Anhui Province, China. The plant is over 30,000 sq. meter and will be completed in 2018. Various departments and facilities will be moved to the plant, including R & D projects in Asia, production facilities for test equipment, technical support departments for customers, and so on.
This project is supported by Hefei Municipal Government, key customers and partners.

KingTiger 于2018建立亚洲科技研发及生产中心

为配合亚洲区科技及经济的急速发展, 与客户的庞大需求,KingTiger正进行设立亚洲区总部,选址于中国安徽省合肥市的经济技术开发区内。该厂房超过30,000平方米, 并将于2018年落成。届时各种配套部门及设施将会迁入该厂房,其中包括亚洲区的研发项目,测试设备的生产工场,对客户的技术支援部门等等。
此项目得到合肥市政府, 重要客户及合作伙伴等支持。