Automated process in Physical Memory Repair*

KT-4MG+ PRO is an improved version of the world’s first DIMM tester that supports Physical Memory Repair*, based on application test result, and configuration by user, the memory can be repaired automatically to increase product yield. This technology is based on Post Package Repair standard which is defined by JEDEC.


KT-4MG+ PRO has two modes of PPR Memory Repair:

  • Soft Post Package Repair (sPPR): sPPR is non-persistent, so the repair row maybe altered; that is, sPPR is NOT a permanent repair, so the repair is cleared after the device is power reset
  • Hard Post Package Repair (hPPR): Hard Post Package Repair is persistent so once the repair row is assigned, the device stays as permanent repaired good. hPPR is limited by on-die repair resources. KT-4MG+ PRO can allow the user to maximize repair resource usages by analyzing the device error log obtained from prior tests.
*Note: Please refer the JEDEC standard, and the specification of your selected memory. Physical Memory Repair is an optional function in KT-4MG+ PRO.


Support of 4Gb X 4 Device on DIMM

  • KT-4MG+ PRO supports Memory Modules with 4Gb X 4 Devices, which has enabled Memory module with higher capacity.


KT-4MG+ PRO Features

High performance, Highly automated DDR4 Hybrid Module tester

  • Fully Automated / Manual Testing + BTT Single Step Tester with speeds up to 3.2GBits/sec true data rate
  • Capable of handling all standard DDR4 DIMM configurations including LRDIMM& NVDIMM
  • NEW! Support JEDEC soft and hard PPR (Post Package Repair) for ECC and non-ECC DIMM, based on the testing result, failure memory cell can be repair in hardware level
  • Available in configurations from 1 to 4 DIMMs per tester; Multiple testers can be linked in parallel for production
  • Clock: 667MHz – 1600MHz, with frequency stepping according to JEDEC specification
  • Coverage: Timing Windows, Algorithmic Pattern, ApplicationCompatibilities
  • Patterns:
  • Logic Tests: Row Hammer, MarchA, MarchX, MarchC, MarchG, MATS, and many more industry standard tests.
  • Application Tests: ATSLWB, JumpLWB, Shift, MoveRot, MT64 and more…
  • KINGTIGER proprietary: Weak Cell Tracking
  • Programmable core parameters: tCL, tCWL, tRC, tRCD, tRASmin, tRP, tRRD, tWTR, tRFC, tFAW, tCWL, tRTP, tWR, tCCD, CmdRate
    Core Timing Parameters Profiling: 50ps resolution
  • Timing Windows Margining /Rank Margin Tool(RMT): 1/64 Clock resolution
  • Test During Burn-in (TDBI) High Temperature Chamber (KT-HC2) available
  • Customization software available – Data Logging and Analysis, Test Flow Control, Bar Code Scanning, etc
  • No special air, power, or cooling requirements
  • Very small footprint compared to competing products




  • Engineering Timing Profiler – detailed timing measurements to characterize memory. For example, determine memory’s minimum support CAS Latency in ps and verify Rank Margining data
  • Mass Production
  • Motherboard test replacement
  • Speed Grading and Sorting
  • System Compatibility Verification
  • Failure Analysis


Standard Features in All KINGTIGER Products:

  • Failure/Design Analysis Tools including Shmoo and Burn-in tools
  • Simple drag and drop test flow creation
  • Full test flow control including looping, binning, etc.



Available Models:

  • Standard Solution – Very low cost system test replacement
  • Engineering Solution – High End Timing Profiling Lab Unit
  • Production Solution – Multi-site Manufacturing System


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