KingTiger Technology is a leading designer of Test Equipment for the memory semiconductor industry. Based on revolutionary new test techniques, KingTiger Technology’s test equipment presents added value for all different stages and levels of memory testing. From DRAM semiconductor fabrication to memory module production, KingTiger provides products and services that will reduce test cost and increase correlation to target applications at an unprecedented level.


KingTiger Technology, Inc. was established in Austin, Texas by a team of engineers from the memory semiconductor industry in March of 2002. Operations started shortly thereafter in April.   Now with locations in Canada and Hong Kong, KingTiger Technology is globally positioned to take advantage of advanced resources and personnel to best service and support our international customers.


With over 25 years of industry experience, the engineers at KingTiger set out with the goal of solving an industry wide problem: “Why do some devices pass every known test and still fail in the application?” The technical staff at KingTiger, which includes over 75% of the employees, has worked to develop products that would provide a solution to the problem.


At the company’s foundation is the patent pending Behavioral Test Technology (BTT) concept, which in conjunction with traditional semiconductor memory test methods, yields the most accurate and cost effective test equipment available. Products include the new KingTiger Test System with TigerClaw Test Software and other DRAM test related products and services.


Now, KingTiger Technology has emerged as a revolutionary designer of test equipment for the memory semiconductor industry. Using its new, proven patented test techniques, KingTiger Technology’s memory test equipment offers what no one else in the industry can: a cost effective state-of-the-art testing solution.