Module Testers




The world’s only logical / application hybrid DRAM tester, now added Physical Memory Repair function. It not only performs testing on DDR4 Memory Module but also repairs failure memory portion based on application test result. The tester makes production higher in yield, and lower in cost.



  • Fully Automated ATE + Btt Single Step Module Tester with speeds up to 2.133MT/s
  • Test During Burn-In (TDBI) High Temperature Chamber Available
  • Capable of handling all DDR3 and DDR4 DIMM configurations
  • Great for high volume production or engineering lab use



  • Full DDR2 and DDR3 support
  • Easy to use, fully Programmable Pattern Generator (PPG Pro)
  • Address and Data Topology support
  • LRDIMM support
  • Up to 16 DDR2/3 modules tested in parallel Up to 256 devices in parallel
  • Handler interface available



DDR2 memory technology has many new features that have created challenges for memory test engineers. Features like “on die termination” (ODT), differential DQS, higher frequency and lower voltage levels mean that older test equipment may not be sufficient for testing DDR2 devices.



Fully Buffered DIMM technology is fast becoming the Memory of Choice for high speed, high capacity computing applications. With I/O speeds reaching up to 4GHz, the emphasis on providing comprehensive, reliable and accurate testing data becomes increasingly important in the engineering and production success of your memory products. KTI’s FBDIMM KT-2P delivers these needs today.