KingTiger KT-HC2 Heat Chamber
  • Screen for potential Early Life Failures (ELF)
  • Performs dynamic Testing During Burn-In (TDBI)
  • Elevated temperature Production test capability
  • Automated temperature test capability
    (via monitoring the Event pin)
  • Delayed start testing based on required soak time via the TigerClaw setting interface
  • DUT characterization of voltage and frequency over temperature
  • FA / Reliability testing

The main purpose of Heat Chamber is to provide a temperature controlled environment for DUT testing. The
Heat Chamber is designed to accelerate and detect Early Life Failures (ELF). Testing During Burn-In (TDBI)
provides dynamic functional tests verifications (generally at reduced speed), which can detect potential
weak cells.


The High Temperature Testing System is designed to test DRAM memory modules in high-temperature
conditions. It executes its tests in a cost effective and precise engineering testing environment with the
objective is to simplify the DRAM Failure Analysis process by combining all the steps in ONE.


The High Temperature Testing System includes a KTI tester and a Heat Chamber. The Heat Chamber
serves to test memory modules at elevated temperature. It includes the temperature controller, which
provides the controlled environment temperature of the Heat Chamber and sets up the temperature


The Heat Chamber requires the following operating parameters: Voltage 100 V to 240 V, power
consumption 1,500 W Maximum. It provides DUT testing in the temperature range from 25°C to 85°C.



The Heat Chamber supplements all KTI testers and enhances their functionality by providing high-temperature DUT testing.



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